Confess to Your Crimes (2023)

Confess to Your Crimes (2023)
 IMDB Rating:

6.5/10 from 343 votes IMDb

  Original Name:


Crime Drama

 Starring by:

Elaiza Ikeda Kano Ichiki Minami

 Directed by:

Nobuo Mizuta







 Story Plot: The story tells of the granddaughter of the political family Uta, who is kidnapped. The kidnappers' demand is not money, but for the politician to hold a press conference and confess to the crime. Kentaro Nakashima plays the protagonist, Koji Uta, the second son of the Vice Minister of the Cabinet, Seijiro Uta (played by Shinichi Tsutsumi). Despite his reservations about his father's actions, he reluctantly takes on the role of his father's secretary, and the kidnapping incident plunges the Uta family into unprecedented predicaments.

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