Dusk for a Hitman (2023)

Dusk for a Hitman (2023)
 IMDB Rating:

6.7/10 from 270 votes IMDb

  Original Name:



 Starring by:

Benoît Gouin Éric Bruneau Rose-Marie Perreault

 Directed by:

Raymond St-Jean







 Story Plot: 1979. Donald Lavoie is a fearsome hitman who works under the orders of Claude Dubois, head of the Montreal South-West mob. Donald is tasked to take under his wing new recruit Serge Rivard, a hotheaded small-time crook who soon compromises him in a botched double murder. Donald avoids justice thanks to the Dubois clan's lawyers, but this is only a temporary setback for Detective Sergeant Roger Burns, who wants to convince Lavoie to become an informer.

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